Friday, August 22, 2008

Intrigue of the Past: North Carolina's First Peoples

This is an excellent resource for teachers to use for school curriculum requirements. We will be offering several new programs in the coming months that will complement these lesson plans, and allow for a more hands on interraction with the concepts that are presented. I want to get this resource out to help implement the study of archaeology and Native American cultures in Lincoln County. Please contact me at my e-mail ( if you have any questions. I will be posting the new educational programs very soon!

A Teacher's Activity Guide
for Fourth through Eighth Grades

Compiled and Edited by:

Margo L. Price
Patricia M. Samford
Vincas P. Steponaitis

Research Laboratories of Archaeology
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

With Lesson Plans by:

Kelly A. Letts
Jeanne M. Moe
Danielle M. Paterson
Margo L. Price
Patricia M. Samford
Shelley J. Smith

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