Friday, October 3, 2008

As part of our job here at the LCHA, and as the curator it is my responsibility to help other colleagues with identification of objetcs. In addition, I also help people who come into the office who want information on a particuloar object. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share this inquiry to see if anyone can help me in this process. I am posting this message received from a friend on an artifact. If anyone has any idea what is is you can contact me, or contact Erin directly.

Erin wrote:

A friend of the museum dropped off this object for assistance in identification. I have no idea what it is... you can see photos here It is about 4 feet tall or so, cast iron and has four of the upward-facing hooks at 90 degree intervals regularly placed all the way around. It is marked for a foundry, but is illegible due to pitting. It also says PAT APPL'D FOR. The only distinct wear is at the base of the shaft, which is rounded down slightly. I believe the lettering for the manufacturer is _ _ _OUR & CO. But, it is quite difficult to read. It is not a clock part.. other suggestions have been: Portable hitching post Meat hook or hook for storing meat on other hooks Hook for hoisting hay or cotton bales Any guesses are welcome.. also please forward on to any other listservs you think might be willing to lend a hand in identification.

Thanks! Erin.

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